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There's no doubt we are living the information age, and data analytics is crucial for success. Businesses create new information every day, and with it comes the opportunity to fuel critical decisions. Data is power, and meaningful insights can create competitive advantages for strategy, growth and overall success. That said, not all businesses have the tools or know-how to collect and make sense of their customer information. Data analytics can also be expensive, and you would be forgiven for thinking only the largest of corporations could reap its benefits.
This is why Foretelics Technologies was created; to give businesses of all sizes access to the power of data analytics.


    Our in-depth knowledge and expertise can provide actionable insights that solve your business challenges. We give decision-makers full control of their destiny through cutting edge AI, focussing on machine learning and computer vision tools. We are uniquely positioned in the fact that we understand the specific challenges placed upon start-ups and SMBs. We know money can be tight, and you need to ensure that any investment in your marketing and branding gives you maximum return.


    INSIGHT – We don’t create reports just for the sake of it; for us it is quality over quantity every time. We present actionable insights using the latest data science techniques that you can actually use.

    FOCUS – We understand that key decision makers have enough to consider. Foretelics looks after the technology and number crunching for you, so that you are able to conserve your resources on taking action and not on interpreting numbers.

    HASSLE-FREE – We deliver data in clear and easy-to-use, actionable reports. By removing the need to buy expensive software or hardware, you can save time and money whilst taking full control.

Our Skills

We have expertise in analytics using computer vision and deep learning

You may come across many computer vision experts that can assist you in detection objects in images or classifying images based on available features within the image. You of course know many who are great in data analytics and number crunching.

We however are proud to combine both these skills and provide advanced analytics on videos and images. Not only can we detect common objects , logos and faces in videos and images but we also provide deep number crunching based on detected objects. This helps you get detailed insights on processes and events that were not possible to analyze earlier.

Examples include automatic trend analysis of school / workplace attendance, visual defects in materials and tracking of brands and logos in sponsored video content

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