Business Analytics

We offer business analytics to corporates and MSMEs to overcome challenges, make sense of data and develop a competitive advantage. All of our services are delivered via simple mobile apps and dashboards, offering a user-friendly and straightforward way to take control of your business.
 Customer Segmentation. Understanding your customer is key to success for all businesses, regardless of sector or size and customer segmentation can be an invaluable business analytics tool. We will segment your market into discrete customer groups helping you to identify unmet customer needs, provide solutions and outperform the competition. Our expertise and industry know-how will enable you to understand customer behaviours, determine profit potential and measure segment performance over time, thus informing your brand and marketing strategies.

 CRM Data / Sales Analysis. We work with businesses to collate and understand all available customer data whilst identifying opportunities and informing strategy. Our business analytics will provide you with predictive modelling, reduce the risk of future choices, and identify your most profitable customers.

 Spend / Purchase Analytics. Money is precious for all businesses, regardless of size, but it's even more critical for small companies. With our business analytics, we can help you make sense of your spend and purchase trends, decide how effective that spending is and identify areas where you can make savings. We can track procurement, supply base and performance metrics and further identify areas of consolidation and opportunity.

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